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2021: Six Tips on Planning for the Unknown

In the fourth quarter of every year, business leaders start planning and forecasting for the upcoming year.

They take into consideration historical data – things like year-to-date revenue, cost of goods, market trends, and more – and start to make lofty goals and design a road map to gain market share and advance their mission.

But what do you do when the current year has been like no other? And what do you do when the upcoming year is already riddled with uncertainty?

We got you – or rather our very own COO and CFO Lisa Zeeveld’s got you with her experience in corporate finance and personal wealth management for several Fortune 500 companies.

In her latest LinkedIn article, Lisa shares just a few expert steps to help you take some of the guesswork out of 2021 planning and be confident you’re ready for whatever gets thrown your way.

With the unknowns of 2021, let Lisa’s expertise empower you to not allow ‘the tail to wag the dog’ as you plan, prepare, and pursue the future with peace and confidence – here!