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Working From Home? Here Are The Critical Components

Listen. Unless you’ve been living under a rock – which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea right about now – you’ve seen the headlines. And so have we. All of them.

But if we know one thing it’s that this too shall pass.

In the meantime, however, we’ve also seen a lot of headlines about how to weather this storm as a working professional. And more specifically about how many companies and employees are dipping their toes into remote work.

It just so happens that we know a thing – or million – about going remote so here, we’ve rounded up a few articles we’ve written on just that with everything you need to know about how to keep business as usual – even in unusual circumstances.

And who knows – maybe when you realize how completely doable a remote workforce can be, you’ll consider integrating more virtual work for your organization – even after we’re done furiously washing our hands!

So here, we’ve broken down what we think are the three most critical components to a remote workforce: its creation, its management, and its culture.


Why A Remote Workforce Makes Sense

“In 2016, survey start-up TinyPulse surveyed over 500 remote U.S. workers and compared their responses to those of 200,000 traditional employees.

“What they found is that the remote workers were not only happier than their office-bound counterparts but also felt more productive. In fact, 91 percent of the remote workers said they were more productive when working outside of the office. They cited quieter working environments, fewer distractions, and less-frequent breaks.”

Learn more about how a remote workforce can successfully defy ‘how things have always been done’ here.

4 Tips to Help You Build a Remote Team

“Here at BELAY, we’ve been assembling virtual teams for over 10 years, so we’ve got your back with some tips and guidelines.

“As remote teams have become more popular in recent years, more information has popped up. How do you weed through it and what information should you focus on?”

Learn four tips for how to assemble your remote dream team here.


Managing Virtual Teams: How to Lead Remotely

“[F]or virtual work to be successful – both for employees and their employers – one crucial factor is non-negotiable: Virtual employees need to have great working relationships with their team. No amount of technology or autonomy can replace the impact of having an effective, emotionally intelligent manager.

“The way we work has changed and as such, the way managers must lead has to change, too. Here are eight ways leadership can successfully adapt to the virtual workforce model.”

Learn how to lead remote teams here.

How to Monitor Remote Employees

“[I]f you’re managing a remote team, how can you really be sure everyone is on task, staying productive, and collaborating appropriately?

“There are countless online tools that can help you keep your team humming along every day – check these and these out for starters – but if you’re wondering how to implement remote monitoring policies for your business, here are some steps and considerations.”

Learn six ways to inspect what you expect from your remote employees here.


7 Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

“Virtual team building is the process of developing culture and relationships within the digital space. As a virtual company, you don’t have the opportunity to chat around the coffee pot or copier. Yet, with some creative thinking, you can leverage today’s technology to build real relationships online.

“So we scoured the world wide web for some super unique ways to build team rapport and relationships, even if miles or even oceans separate you from your work fam.”

Learn about seven team-building activities for remote employees here.

How BELAY Fosters Culture With A Remote Workforce

“...we’ve proven that a shared vision – not shared spaces – creates a culture. It is about instilling a sense of belonging for your employees and ensuring they identify with the greater mission and values of the company, despite being a remote workforce.

“And contrary to what others may – GASP! – still believe, we’ve proven, time and time again, that culture can be created without an office. BELAY is living proof of this.”

Learn how to foster a strong remote culture here.

With just a few adjustments and a little recalibration, great brick-and-mortar organizations can be equally great virtual organizations, too.

Ready to jump into remote leadership?

Well, then come on in – the water’s fine! And we should know since we’ve been doing it since 2010.

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