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Working From Home With Kids: A Guide For Parents

You – like nearly the rest of the ‘non-essential’ working world – are now working from home.

And, before we launch into this article, allow us to thank you for doing your part for the greater good. These are uncertain times and as such, it lacks the kind of blueprint necessary to navigate these uncharted waters with any confidence.

It’s honestly hard to remember what confidence is anymore, right?

Because exacerbating these already choppy waters? The fact that your children – some or all of whom would otherwise be in school – are now home, too.

With you. Near you. Maybe too near you. Wandering aimlessly as they, too, try to make sense of it all.

We’re hoping to help us all make sense of it because thankfully, we have over 10 years of experience in working from home as parents so here’s everything you need to know about how to keep business as usual – even in unusual circumstances.

Thankfully, our CEO Tricia Sciortino addresses this exact alternate reality in one of her latest articles, Working From Home With Your Family.

In it, she covers just a few of the considerations and adjustments you’ll need to make working from home with kids, well, work.

But you know us – we just can’t help but give away the farm when it comes to our faithful readers so in addition to the wealth of information Tricia shares, here are just a few more ideas on how to maintain your sanity – err, make the most of this precious extra family time together – while still being professionally productive.

When it comes to your kids, consider …   

  • Allowing your child to help create a daily schedule and incorporate things they love from school into their day
  • Planning meetings and calls during their scheduled work time so they are busy, focused and quiet
  • Implementing a good old-fashioned chore list. Pinterest has tons of resources and recommendations on appropriate chores by age
  • Waking up earlier to get email, tasks, and more done before the kids get up
  • Taking necessary breaks and connect with the kids. Eat lunch together, play a game, exercise
  • Rewarding good behavior with a treat, activity, fun ‘privilege’ or craft

When it comes to your family, consider … 

  • Instituting a ‘quiet time’ for important calls and work
  • Working in shifts if needed and possible
  • Meal planning, including interactive meals, like make-your-own pizza, a taco bar, a potato bar, and stir fry
  • Spending a few minutes every Sunday night planning your next week as much as possible
  • Starting a puzzle together
  • Teaching them a new card game
  • Having a cooking or baking contest
  • Making phone calls or FaceTiming with friends and relatives that they can't visit
  • Playing board games
  • Planning scavenger hunts

The key to success when it comes to working from home with children is making sure you establish – and then maintain – a routine and boundaries in order to be productive at work while keeping the structure they so desperately need, especially during such uncertain times.

Just a little planning and consideration can ensure it is an enjoyable experience for you all. And what’s not to love about spending a little more time with those you hold most dear?!

For more on how to keep business as usual all while your kids are home with you, check out this webinar, ‘How To Work From Home With Kids: A Crash Course,’ featuring our CEO Tricia Sciortino and Vice President of Human Resources Krisha Buehler.