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What I am excited about in 2018

By Bryan Miles, Co-Founder of BELAY

The holidays are in full swing and the clocks are counting down on the remainder of 2017. What a year it has been for us at BELAY! So many great things to be grateful for! While this year has been epic in many ways ... I am all-the-more excited for 2018! Here’s why ....

1. BELAY is at a “tipping point” aka “inflection point” of growth. With a full year now under our belts tied to our five-company consolidation and re-brand ... our name is growing fast across many verticals as a powerhouse virtual staffing solutions organization. Combining services for virtual assistants, virtual bookkeeping & payroll, virtual content writers, and virtual webmasters under one roof truly sets us apart from our competition. We don’t just say we can do these services ... we actually have depth of services with dedicated/assigned people who specifically help our clients in these capacities. Among other things, this is a key differentiator for our next stage of growth in 2018 and beyond.

2. My book “Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore” launches in early January 2018. This book is seven years in the making. My book offers readers our playbook on how we made BELAY an award-winning company all with no actual physical office. Today, we have close to 60 full-time employees here in Metro Atlanta and over 500 contractors with zero office space! My book shares our story, our leadership ideas on developing a virtual organization, virtual myths, and tools to help you make the leap to a virtual culture. I’m so excited to share this resource with you!

3. Additionally, in late Spring of 2018, Shannon’s book “The Third Option: Work Efficiently, Prioritize Effectively, Live Successfully” launches. This book is so much about her transparent journey and what to do when having kids and career collide. The “Third Option” has been something Shannon has discussed and shared for many years ... and I am thrilled to see this great idea come to life in her new book. This book will help many.

4. I’m also excited to see our company’s vision manifest itself in many ways in 2018! In essence, our Vision at BELAY is to help our clients achieve their vision. We believe that the world wins when our clients free up their time to be the leaders they were called to be. We believe that a productive leader produces results in so many ways that helps the world. Our ability to serve our clients is our passion. We plan on stepping on the gas in 2018 with our ability to help our clients achieve their vision. We plan on sharing more of these client stories with you ... as evidence of our impact. Stay tuned.

I could go on with the many things that BELAY is prepping and planning to do in 2018! We have much to accomplish. Looking back, I’m grateful to God for what he did for BELAY in 2017 ... and looking forward ... I’m as excited as ever to make a dent in this world by helping our clients achieve their vision.

Climb higher my friends! BELAY on!