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The Value of "Stop-Doing" Lists For Entrepreneurs

Why Entrepreneurs Benefit From “Stop-Doing” Lists

It’s not new news around here that we’re firm believers in entrepreneurs focusing their time on doing the jobs in their business that only they can do, like brainstorming ways to catapult the mission, establish relationships with donors and community members, and casting vision. 

They should not spend time scheduling appointments or scanning flight options. These are wastes of valuable time and energy. 

Instead of crafting lists of what you should get done each day, try making a mental — or physical — note of what you should not do anymore. 

We’ll borrow from our Delegation Worksheet & Guide next to provide a solution and guide.

What Should You Take Off Your Plate?

If you want to see growth, you have to realize that you canʼt do everything on your own. You’re a business owner, visionary, the person at the helm steering the ship, figuratively speaking. 

And like any successful business, there are divisions to the work that needs to be done:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Product

And each of these areas requires administrative support. 

Sure, you can create email campaigns, track down leads to set up meetings, and do your own expenses, but why would you? Why would you want to spend your valuable – and expensive – time on tasks that can easily be done by someone else?

What Are The Benefits?

Delegation can help you in any or all of these areas, removing the burden of important-but-low-value tasks from your responsibility. As you delegate more and more tasks, you get more time to focus on generating higher-paying leads. 

Done right, the investment more than pays for itself. 

And by “done right,” we mean embracing delegation and letting go of the tasks that you shouldnʼt be doing anymore. Most business owners actually lose money because they donʼt have someone on their team to help get more tasks done. 

But delegation isnʼt simply a way of unloading your responsibilities; itʼs how business owners and leaders can benefit from the powerful, multiplying effects of entrusting others to do that for which they were hired. 

As you delegate, you not only free yourself from a busyness mountain of your own creation, but you also, in turn, develop the kind of employees and leaders that allow you, them, and your business to grow.

How Do You Get Started?

To help you get started on the right foot, weʼve created a tool – a matrix, of sorts – so you can map out the various things you do each day.

Before you dive in, consider these six T's that can help you better determine what should go where.

Tiny. These are small, seemingly inconsequential tasks that are easy to put off – but add up. They arenʼt important or urgent, and often only take a few minutes. 

Tedious. These tasks – like repetitive data entry – are relatively simple but not the best use of your time.

Time-Consuming. These tasks are often important and complex but you could delegate 80 percent of research and execution and reserve 20 percent for approval.

Time-Sensitive. Delegate time-sensitive tasks so you can focus on project-based deadlines.

Terrible At. Know your weaknesses – and delegate them. The devilʼs in the details so delegate to someone who will delight in the devil of your details.

Teachable. These tasks may seem difficult but can be delegated once you've taught the basics, while you again reserve your 20 percent for approval.

If you could delegate just a few tasks like email management, appointment scheduling, travel bookings, meeting planning, and expense reporting, you could save yourself 15 hours every week.

Yes, you read that right. You. An extra fifteen hours every week. All by delegating. Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

Start Gaining Your Time Back Today

Start today by delegating tasks off your list and gaining clarity on what you need to be doing. Dig even deeper by leaning into our Delegate to Elevate resource.

And from now until August 31, 2022, we’re offering $300 off our start-up fee when you talk to us about a Virtual Assistant.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with your stop-doing list handy and get back to what only you can do today!