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Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun. But This One Is.

Promise you won’t be mad – because we have a confession.

We’ve been keeping a kinda huge secret from you. And while we don’t like keeping things from you, we promise that once we spill the beans, all will be forgiven.

So, here it goes …

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows us that at BELAY, we are all united by one common denominator: We live to serve; we all share a servant’s heart.

So we are constantly searching for more ways to better meet your needs in order to equip you with the confidence to climb higher.

First, we offered Virtual Assistants. Then Bookkeepers. And then Website Specialists.

But we weren’t satisfied. There had to be more ways we could support our clients.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit us:

Social Media Strategists

“A what now?” you ask, befuddled.

You know those menacing red-number notifications and deafening cacophony of ‘pings,’ ‘dings’ and buzzes from your phone, tablet, and computer as prospects and customers alike all engage with your social media?

Our Social Media Strategists can handle that.

Or what about when you see no new notifications and are instead met with the deafening silence on all your social media accounts?

Yup, you guessed it: Our Social Media Strategists can handle that, too.

This new service line will help our clients take their social media presence to the next level by managing their social channels, engaging with their audience, and tackling their scheduling to help them stay ahead of their competition and make lasting connections with their community and target audience.

Have you noticed that you or someone you know …

… needs help managing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms?

… needs help producing and scheduling content?

… needs help responding to online inquiries, getting feedback from clients, and sharing customer success stories?

Then a BELAY Social Media Strategist is the answer! They can help you manage all of your unique social media needs – which can be varied, extensive and exhaustive – and build a strong online presence to get them back to what they love most: running and growing their business.

Ready to learn more? Check this out. Need to know what, exactly, a Social Media Strategist can do? Check this out. Not clear on how a Social Media Strategist differs from a Social Media Manager and from a Social Media Assistant? Check this out.

Ready to reclaim countless hours a week? Contact us today to get started!