The Power of Gratitude: Stories of BELAY Client Success

We are thankful, and our gratitude drives our actions.’

During this season of gratitude, this is the second in a series of five articles expressing our core company value above. Because despite the challenges this year has laid at all our feet, we still choose to actively count our many blessings.

This series will express the gratitude of those who place their trust and faith in us – and each other – at BELAY.

These are their stories.

“We have had a terrific experience with BELAY and will continue to encourage others to consider a VA through your organization.

“I appreciate all your help in guiding us through the last year of our engagement and in assisting us in bringing [our VA] on directly.

“You have been invaluable.” – M.H.

“BELAY was a key part of our growth at a critical time. You did an amazing job of walking me through the process and finding an equally amazing person to be the anchor for our team.

“Both you and our contractor have been responsible for the stellar BELAY experience I have enjoyed over the years. Thanks for everything.” – A.A.

“I could not be more pleased working with our contractor!

“She is self-motivated, thorough, an excellent communicator, takes the initiative, follows through and is quite accurate.

“I feel we have a strong rapport, and I have a high level of trust already with her. Thank you for connecting us and continuing to oversee our working relationships.” – E.C.

“Our contractor has been doing a fantastic job and we have been getting a lot done!

“She has been encouraging me by telling me to remember we are headed toward ‘smooth sailing!

“Our workflow communication is great! She has access to everything she needs. We are very confident in her abilities – and your abilities to serve us!

“I have been very impressed with BELAY to this point and I look forward to our future together!” – M.O.

“It has been a great experience working with BELAY and my contractor.

“The cadence and workflow we developed was really a game-changer for me, in terms of making my professional and personal life far less chaotic.

“Thank you for everything.” – M.U.

“Our contractor has been fantastic to work with so far and has already been a valuable resource to us.

“I especially appreciate his flexibility and adaptability toward us as we are working through multiple staff transitions. He has definitely helped these transitions go smoothly!” – J.D.

“So far, so great! Our contractor has been wonderfully available to us and helped us think through the new processes we need to support the new systems.

“He totally knows his way around QuickBooks and continues to help streamline our work. The transition has gone very smoothly.

“I’ve had an incredible experience. I’m a huge fan of BELAY and will continue to refer people to your incredible services.” – C.R.

“Everything is great with our contractor!

“She is very attentive, patient, answers my questions, and has really made this process very easy. Thank you for your help in pairing us together.

“My pastor, the elders and I are so pleased with BELAY. The transition was easy, the support has been top-notch and we could not be happier.” – A.P.

“Two years, huh? It sure doesn’t seem that long, but maybe that is a function of how really true your statement back then was.

“I remember it well – you said we would build a team and process that allowed me to get back to playing golf in retirement and not worry about the small stuff as treasurer.

“Well, golf has taken a back seat to plenty of other endeavors, but all made possible by our contractor enabling your promise. She continues to be a blessing to work with and is a true partner in helping me and the church move forward financially.

“The church doesn’t know it but if we lose her, they are likely to lose me. Just kidding, maybe.” – L.L.

“Adding a VA to our business helped save my marriage.

“My wife was taking care of a lot of the responsibilities that [our VA] does now and it was causing some major issues in our marriage.

“My wife and I still work together in the business, it just looks a lot different. Just wanted to say thanks for what your company has done for us. It has been a huge blessing to our family and team.” – G.B.

“[My VA] and I are working out very well together.

“In fact, I cannot imagine doing my job without her or working with anyone else. She is very prompt at serving our company whenever we have a question or need anything from her.

“She takes her job and her customer service very seriously and represents your company and your company’s standards to the highest degree.” – A.W.

“I just wanted to give [our bookkeeper] credit for doing such a great job for us.

“Not only does she do a great job in general but over the last month, we’ve had some issues with an administrative employee. The long story short is they are no longer with us and they left a bit of a mess behind. [Our bookkeeper] has been great in helping us sort it out and she even caught some things – like bills, invoices – that were not processed and would not have been paid otherwise.

“I just wanted you to be aware that we feel like she’s gone above and beyond any expectations we have of her or BELAY.” – S.M.

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