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Pastors: It's Time To Own Your Schedule

As a pastor, you’re busy. So you scan your lanes for the quickest solution and land on a church staffing website.

Problem, solved– right?

Well, maybe. Kinda. It certainly does give momentary respite and a quick hit of dopamine to help you feel accomplished that help is on the way.

Because as a pastor, you need a team; you need the cavalry. But let’s face it: Hiring is complicated. The right person for your church doesn’t seem to exist, leaving you with feelings of chaos, uncertainty, and the inescapable overwhelm of doing everything yourself. You should spend more time growing your church, not managing the minutia that’s best left to someone else.

That ‘someone else?’ A BELAY contractor ready to give you time to (re-)focus on your church, community, and vision.

And sure, we’re aware that we take every opportunity to try to convince you that it’s time to get out from under the administrative rumble. We remind you that a BELAY contractor is the cost of your sanity, your peace of mind, and your most precious resource: time.

And wash, rinse, repeat. It’s what we live and breathe and clearly, it’s what we love to talk about.

But much like Charlie Brown’s teacher, we’re sure there are times when all you hear is ‘Wah wa wah, wah wa wa wah.’

Only this time, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take it from Pastor Matt Lacey from Fountain Church in California, who is just *a little* excited about (re-)gaining control of his schedule and ‘getting his Mondays back.’

Watch Pastor Matt’s Video

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It: A Client’s Testimonial

"As a lead pastor, my Mondays were full of receipts, reports and spreadsheets – everything I’m not good at and everything I’m not called to do.

"But now, I have an extra day during the week that’s created a lot more margin in my work week, not just for ministry but for my family. And on top of that, our church is growing! Growing a church comes with a lot more complexities – you start hiring staff and there are lots of different components, like payroll, but I’m happy to say that we’re fully compliant after partnering with BELAY – I’m even fully confident that we’re audit-ready!

"My mental margin and mental capacity have been freed up because I don’t think about that stuff anymore. I don’t think about accounting anymore. I don’t worry about bills getting paid on time anymore. I don’t think about reporting. Or if we’re behind. Or if everything is on point and everything is on time because our [BELAY] bookkeeper has been killing it!

"And I knew it was going to work because BELAY took the time to listen and ask the right questions to really figure out who we are – our personality as a church, as a team, as a staff, and our culture. BELAY took that information and chose the right fit for us. They nailed it – and it has made such a huge difference in our church.

“There were three Cs I was looking for. I was looking for competency. I was looking for character. And I was looking for chemistry. And our BELAY bookkeeper fit the bill one-hundred percent.”

This Could Be Your Story

At BELAY, we’re here to help. We provide virtual specialists to help your church grow so whether you need a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, or web specialist, we have the right partner – your ‘one-hundred percent’ partner – ready to help your church excel without the added stress of having to do everything on your own.

Get your schedule – and Mondays – back so you can get back to what called you to lead in the first place: shepherding people closer to God and each other.