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Onboarding Process: How to Onboard a New Employee

So, you’re working from home now. You’re now leading from home. You’re now doing practically everything from home.

And it’s a lot.

But not to worry – you know when you need help. You need it now. More like yesterday if we’re being honest.

So you did it. You found The One.

Throw all the rice!
Release all the doves!
Light all the sparklers!

You two will be so happy together, and we hope this sendoff sees you off into a successful and productive future remote work partnership.

The end … right?

Well, not quite.

Now you have to learn how to cohabitate. Who will empty the dishwasher (or inbox)? Who will be responsible for scheduling appointments (or your calendar)? Who will field calls from the mothers-in-law (or answer phones)?

See? Your union is just the beginning. Thankfully, our Director of Sales Lisa Seal shares how she ensures a happily ever after with the right onboarding process for your new hire – here.

Before Starting

“Prior to [my new VA] even starting, the first thing that I did was create a training plan of sorts.

“In that training plan, I made sure I allowed time pre-start date to give her access to all the systems that I needed her to be in, writing down all my passwords, all my login information, all of her required reading right down to each day and what I expected each day.”

The First Few Days

“The first few days were really just teaching her about our organization.

“I think it's important that when you have somebody supporting you, that they understand your why, not just as a leader in the organization, but also about the organization itself – who’s who on the organizational chart and teaching her about my department as well.

“I gave her access to my calendar and email – not really for her to do anything other than just to see my world because, like most leaders, my world is in my inbox and in my calendar.”

Establishing Communication

“We also talked about the best form of communication, what works best for me as the leader and also what works best for her.

“By that end of the first week, I had her start triaging emails. Not every email I get is something I need to have my eyes on.”

Establishing Processes

“She creates a folder for me so when I have a moment, I can go into that reading folder and catch up.

“She starts triaging those emails, replying on my behalf. By the end of that first week, I'm adding systems to that list I started with – like our CRM and meeting cadences – to make sure she has a true understanding and access to all of the different software systems and tools that I use to lead the sales team.”

Establishing A Schedule

“I meet with my team just half an hour once a week, and my VA is part of that meeting cadence.

“Prior to full onboarding and full integration into the team, I was meeting with my VA three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And then we slowed that down to Monday and Friday.

“And now, we are just Monday mornings – it's my very first meeting of the week. I couldn't start my week without her knowing what it is that I am trying to accomplish this week.”

Setting Goals

“I usually have three to five [goals] each week, and she needs to know what those are and hold me accountable to those – so she's watching my calendar.

“She respects my ideal workweek that I use and knows that as my week goes on and the emails start flooding in to respect those as she's scheduling me out.”

Now you’re ready for your happily ever after with The One, despite how quickly you had to pivot and adjust to this burgeoning relationship or the circumstances that surrounded your union. For more on how to onboard your newest hire, follow us on LinkedIn for more tips on how you can work well with The One – and your entire remote team!

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