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Meet Crystal Wills, Virtual Assistant

I have had the honor of working directly with Crystal and one of her clients for an event that was sponsored by BELAY and was immediately intrigued by her story of her “Third Option.” Her contagious servants heart and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients is an attribute that we seek when looking for Virtual Assistants here at BELAY.

The Third Option

Crystal and her family moved from Oregon to Florida in 2016 to take positions for a church and a non-profit organization, “We knew God had a plan, and we were seeing it unfold. We also knew this was going to be very difficult for our two children since we were now without our family and friends.”

One morning, Crystal woke up with BELAY on her mind. She went through our vetting process and was asked to join the team. She knew this was all part of the plan - and BONUS - her children would be home with her where they would regain some normalcy from their world being uprooted with the cross country move. Little did she know the opportunities in leadership and serving she would encounter.


“I absolutely LOVE the adventure. Nothing is the same. I know I am serving in a way that is allowing my clients to go further in their visions, dreams and goals.”

And that is what we do at BELAY. We assist our clients in obtaining their goals and vision on a daily basis.

Crystal currently serves two BELAY clients. I asked her what her biggest accomplishment has been. She said, “One of my clients has been able to lead his team with clarity and create processes that work. He is available to be more present because he is not tied up at his desk doing the things he has entrusted to me.”

Talk about getting time back in your day! A BELAY VA can help you do just that.

Her second client is a ‘mover and a shaker’. He is going on all cylinders and needed somebody to take all his visions and ideas and keep them organized and on task. Crystal says, “Personally, I have grown as a leader. I thought I was just going to provide for my family while building a home after our relocation. I had no idea I would be stretched and encouraged and given the platform to serve other leaders making such a huge impact for God’s Kingdom. It’s amazing how each piece of my work history has aided to how I serve my clients.”

Crystal sums up her experience by saying, “I get to communicate with so many leaders and authors that I have followed since I gave my heart to Jesus. I respect them and am absolutely honored that my client has opened up access for me to handle the behind the scenes so he and these other leaders can keep rocking things out.”


Crystal has always been a determined woman. When she was 16, she was emancipated and supported herself until getting married at 20. “I don't see things as problems rather as opportunities to find a solution. I believe this gives me the mindset to serve my clients virtually because neither distance nor time zone intimidates me. I want to create space so that they can be the best leaders possible.”

Speaking of working virtually, what is the one piece of advice that you would give to all of us that work from home? “I really had to watch my diet - and had to force myself from getting up from my desk and going to the pantry all day!” Snacks can destroy those of us that work from home, can’t they?

I love her second nugget of advice because it is one of the cornerstones of the BELAY Way for conducting business, “Be organized and never leave your client hanging out there. Respect the “virtual nod” and do it with speed and excellence. Anything short of that will cause doubt with your client and that might jeopardize the opportunities they want to open up for you. The sky's the limit with all things…enjoy this adventure with them.”

I don’t think that any of us could have said it better, Crystal.


It's Your Turn for a Third Option.

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