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Marketing Agencies Need Social Media Managers, and Here's Why

Picture this. 

You’re traveling alone through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with an infant and a toddler. 


(We know, deep breaths.)


You’re juggling carry-ons and diaper bags. You’re sorting through paper boarding passes because your phone is on 10 percent and you can barely see any of the yellow that normally fills the battery icon anymore. 

Your toddler is asking you for another snack. Your baby is starting to get restless and squirmy. You are starting to get restless and squirmy. You are reluctantly counting down the moments until you get to hoist your belongings into an overhead bin with the two of them at your feet.

All of a sudden, a good samaritan – an angel on earth perhaps – walks up to you with a smile, a bottle of water, and a bag of chips.

Can you feel your shoulders begin to lower and your chest not seem as tight after you imagined that amount of relief and assistance in an overwhelming moment happening?

That’s the kind of relief a marketing agency could have in hiring a social media manager – or two or three.

What is a social media manager?

At BELAY, our Social Media Managers enable organizations to maintain a successful social media presence which in turn allows them to build their brand and, ultimately, attract and retain new clients.

In simpler terms, a social media manager manages all of a client’s unique social media needs to take their social media presence to the next level by managing their social channels, engaging with their audience, and tackling their scheduling to help them stay ahead of their competition and make lasting connections with their community and target audience.

The beauty of SMMs is that they work with their clients to identify the specific targets, goals, standard operating procedures, and strategies before implementing achievable tasks and plans.

Here’s a list of what a social media manager’s responsibilities and skills include:

  • The strategy and execution of social media across the client’s channels. The goal is to increase followers and engagement.
  • Collaboration with the client and/or the client’s marketing team to understand current marketing initiatives and strategies and plan to leverage the social media space when applicable.
  • Publishing content across all social channels for the client. This could include blog posts, tweets, status updates, photos, and videos.
  • Strategizing, creating, and executing monthly content plans that align with the overall content theme for that month. 
  • Creating, maintaining and updating the client’s Editorial Calendar for social.
  • Coordinating all social content from start to finish. This includes mining curated content and working with the client and/or the client’s creative team to design graphics for posting.
  • Handling all commenting and direct messaging across all client’s social channels with the support of the client.
  • Leveraging measurement tools to provide progress reports and mine insights, while continually finding ways to improve on those metrics by working with the client and/or their marketing team to hone in on content that resonates.
  • Engaging with influencers and creating conversations with industry leaders in the social space.

Why would a marketing agency need an SMM?

Your team has a marketing and social plan complete with content calendars and branding guides. We’re even sure you have a plan in place and content is being published. 

But is your team ‘fine’ or actually fine? 

Our guess is your team could use — and would welcome the help of — someone who could take ownership of the beast that is social media. 

Having someone who can execute strategy and engage with your audience and potential customers who are showing up on your pages is crucial for growth. Without an action plan, the ideas and brainstorming don’t have much of a point. 

When you have an SMM who is actively tracking analytics, keeping up with direct messages from customers, and keeping a finger on the pulse of what your audience enjoys, you have a key member of your team. 

With this knowledge, an SMM can think outside of the box. Instead of just posting to post, they’re able to think about things like repurposing content and using different forms of media to go along with the copy in the post.

Where do you start?

If you’re starting to think of things that may be falling through the cracks or have noticed that your team is swamped with ideas but not much execution, it may be time to think about hiring a social media manager.

Luckily enough, these are people who live and breathe social media. These are professionals who live and breathe social media. We’re talking people for whom every ping, ding and red-badge notification gives them anticipatory butterflies as they eagerly engage with your clients – and future clients – online. 

And they want nothing more than to come alongside you and watch your business boom.

You already have a lot to juggle. Maybe even too much. Let a BELAY Social Media Manager step in and help. Get started today by talking to a member of our sales team about what is the best fit for you and your social media needs.