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'How To Take Time Off as a Business Owner' on the Business Accelerator Podcast

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“We’ve become so attached to our work or our devices, that we have struggled as leaders or as a society about what it looks like to be still.”


As a business owner, it’s hard to even think of time off as a possibility sometimes, let alone think of it as a business necessity. But in order to function at your best, you’ve got to be able to recharge and rest. 

But the two biggest barriers that stop business owners from taking time off are ego and lack of processes.


Bust the Ego Barrier

You are important to your business, but you shouldn’t be the heartbeat that keeps it running. 

Instead, shift your mindset about what leadership looks like from “How can the business thrive without me?” to “Have I hired well and empowered my team to lead?” 

And remember. You are more than your work.


What's the Procedure?

Taking time off is as simple as having the right people in place.

Don’t let work processes and the entire mental load of the business live in your head. Take time to put it down on paper and delegate to people you trust, so that you can step away and know that you’ve created a business structure strong enough to stand on its own.


Protect Your Time

The best way to take time off is to actually protect that time. A Virtual Assistant can help by first blocking time off in your calendar, then using the systems in place to protect your time when you’re gone. 

Don’t just go through the motion of taking a break. Actually take one. 

In fact, Tricia says taking a break from your inbox is probably the best way to unplug. Her strategy includes a folder system she has set up with her assistant, which includes a pause inbox function. 

Her assistant can unpause the inbox, filter the emails, use templates to address the ones she can, then place the rest in a folder for Tricia to handle when she gets back. Then it’s back on pause and Tricia doesn’t get a single notification while on vacation. If all else fails, Tricia will delete her email apps while she’s gone.


It's Simple: You Need a Virtual Assistant


“Part of the reason I can take great PTO is because my Virtual Assistant has helped me plan the PTO.”


In the corporate world, it’s sometimes taboo or even against company policy to allow your assistant to help balance your personal life with your business tasks. But Tricia said those two things cannot be mutually exclusive. 

It’s time to flip the script on how you think about work-life balance. Don’t make your personal life revolve around your work. A Virtual Assistant can customize your work to fit into your personal life. 

A Virtual Assistant can help schedule all the areas of your life that contribute to your overall well-being – doctor’s appointments, self-care, family time, date nights, and vacations. 


“This is a performance strategy. If you want to perform at your very best, if you want to make the very best decisions for your business, you’ve got to be able to take care of yourself as a whole person.”


Tune in to the latest episode of the Business Accelerator podcast with hosts Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller as they talk with Tricia about the crucial mistakes business owners make by not taking time off and the ways to feel secure and actually unplugged. 

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