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How to Successfully Win at Work and Home

Let’s be real. If you’ve been a fan of our podcast, you’re likely ambitious and driven to succeed. But, with that drive and ambition, it’s easy for demands at work to compete with priorities at home. 

At times, the pull of your professional and personal lives can make you feel like there’s no way to experience success in both areas. Work-Life Integration is a real thing. In this episode, you will learn strategies to ensure winning at work doesn’t prevent us from winning where it matters most — with our families. 

Joining me to talk about how to win at work and home is Megan Hyatt Miller, COO of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development organization. She’s also the co-host of the popular business podcast, Business Accelerator. An amazing leader, wife and mother, Megan will be sharing with us how to succeed in our personal and professional lives simultaneously.


Here are some takeaways she shared:


1. It's impossible to achieve the 'double win' of success at work and home if you don't believe it's possible.

We live in a culture (or “cult” if you will) of overwork. Many of us measure our success that way and think the idea of work-life balance is a myth. 

Stretching yourself thin at work is glorified and, sadly, we see very few examples of people who are managing this the right way. With intentionality and planning, you can actually be successful at work and home.

It’s not a myth!

2. Put hard constraints on your time.

Many of us start with, ‘What do I need to do, and how long is it going to take?’

That cycle will never end. Instead, use the approach of putting hard edges on your day, whether it’s working a strict set of hours, not checking your phone and email at home, and advising your team only to contact you at home and on weekends in case of emergency (making sure you define what ‘emergency’ means!). 

This isn’t just in your best interest, but in your entire team’s best interest – because it allows you to unplug, recharge, and focus on your family, avoiding the long-term burnout so many leaders eventually face.

3. Become 50-50 partners with your spouse when it comes to parenting and family responsibilities.

Megan talks about how she and her husband have balanced responsibilities when it comes to family. 

That way, not everything falls to one person at home. For example, they take turns taking the kids to doctor’s appointments, and they both are involved in school and homework duties with their kids. 

And, just like at work, don’t be afraid to delegate things you’re not good at or find draining. Let the family take turns putting away the dishes, for instance, instead of always leaving it to one person.


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