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Career Changes: How To Navigate What's Next


What do you do when you think you need to make a change, but you’re not sure which path to take? Jeff Henderson is incredibly familiar with this feeling, and he’s learned through experience how to identify, prepare for and take the next step. 

In this episode, Jeff shares some of the key lessons from his book, What to Do Next. He breaks down a few key signs that you might be ready for a change, explains why it’s so important to create optimal options, and shares some strategies for building and accessing your personal network. 

Whether you’re a leader who’s currently in the midst of a transition, or you want to prepare yourself to make a change in the future, this episode is full of valuable insight!


Here are some takeaways he shared:


1. It's OK to admit you don't know what's next.

Taking time to sit with the unknown is an important stop along the pathway to figuring out your next step. 

Keep in mind that sometimes the greatest risk isn’t leaving; sometimes the greatest risk is staying.

Consider these questions:

Do you have room to grow?

Do you have room to grow as a leader?

If you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling and there’s not a lot of room for more growth, it’s usually time to leave.


2. Don't limit yourself to only checking one career box.

When you create optimal options for yourself, you may find that your skills fit many different roles and projects.

Optimal options can include getting your finances in order, creating a side hustle and developing your personal network.


3. Your personal network determines your net worth.

The more people you know, the more opportunities you can access.

We all need to be actively building our respective networks. If your personal network isn’t growing, and your contact list isn’t growing, that’s a warning light on the dashboard.

The more people you know, the more opportunities you’re going to be provided. And we all know that who you know is often more important than what you know.


Along with this episode, we have an exclusive free preview of Chapter 3 of Jeff’s book, What to Do Next: Taking Your Best Step When Life Is Uncertain.