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How to Find a Virtual Assistant

‘That’s it!’ you exclaim in defeat.

Or is it in relief?

Because, sure. Finally accepting that we just can’t do things the way we’ve always done them in such uncertain times calls for a pivot can be a difficult realization.

First, there’s the realization that you’re drowning – which, as we’d imagine, isn’t a pleasant or positive realization. Then, that realization is further compounded by the fact that the landscape of the workforce as we know it is now nearly unrecognizable.

But – and this is the good news – in honestly recognizing your current state, only then are you able to ask for the help you so desperately need.

Step one: Admitting you have a problem. In this case, drowning in work and needing a serious pivot.

Step two: Accepting you need help. In this case, a virtual employee life preserver.

Step three: Find The One. In this case, the right candidate for the job.

This particular step can feel especially daunting because much like dating, you worry you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding The One.

But fear not – because playing matchmaker is kinda – OK literally – our thing.

Finding The One

We’ve covered this topic extensively before but this all bears repeating:

The Right Job Description & Posting

If hiring a virtual employee is your goal, be sure to include that detail – as well as expectations, requirements, and opportunities – in the job description. It seems obvious, but it’s an oft-overlooked detail that proves critical. Need inspiration? Check out this article for tips on drafting a compelling job post!

Ask The Right Questions

The right questions yield the right answers so make sure you’re asking exactly what you need to know. Be sure to also take the time to assess both their verbal and written communication skills as both prove critical to the success of the partnership.

Interview Face-to-Face

According to Psychology Today, hardly anything transpires in our minds that is not reflected in our nonverbal communications so don’t discount the profound importance of body language and nonverbal cues.

Assess Soft & Hard Skills

Give applicants a skills-related test – like giving a candidate for a communications position a writing test. These early skills assessments demonstrate independence, follow-through and problem-solving–  and can save you time in the long-term.

At BELAY, for example, we evaluate things like listening, body language, emotional intelligence, communication, punctuality, business etiquette, attitude, social skills and more through video interviews.
Then, through the skills assessment phase of our interview process, we measure competency in soft skills, such as communication and attention to detail, while also measuring hard skills through a number of questions and tasks tied to common administrative tasks our clients often request. 

Remote Job, Remote Onboarding 

Verify that candidates have all of the technical equipment they’ll need before their start date, making sure to clearly communicate expectations. Also be sure to continually evaluate your onboarding process, including asking for feedback, to improve its efficacy.

You Shouldn’t Have To Do Everything. And Now You Don’t Have To.

At BELAY, we can connect you with an experienced Virtual Assistant to help so you can get back the most valuable asset in business: more time to focus on what matters most.

And in these uncertain times, we can also help you achieve what is now the second-most valuable accomplishment in business: the pivot.

So stop trying to do it all. Get started with an experienced U.S.-based Virtual Assistant from BELAY today.