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Donald Miller: How To Build A Profitable Coaching Business

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Friend of BELAY Donald Miller recently sat down with Brett Bartholomew on The Art of Coaching podcast.

They discuss the trappings of starting a business, including when to make your first hire — and who it should be. 

“So that's the first hire — in my opinion: a Virtual Assistant who can handle your schedule and handle your correspondence.

"You can start with 10 hours, so you're not talking about a whole lot of money, but what you also have to be disciplined to do then — especially if you're just starting to build — is take those hours that you just bought and make sure that you're using them. [T]ake those hours and say, 'No, I'm not scheduling a haircut. I'm not doing my dry cleaning or handing my dry cleaning off, somebody else is handling that.

"'Therefore, I need to sit down and write a piece of content. I need to deliver a webinar. I need to do something that actually moves this business forward with the hours that I just bought.'

"[F]or my virtual assistant, I've always gone with BELAY. Yeah, they're good. In fact — this is crazy — I had a Virtual Assistant for my Assistant.

"This is not a glorified secretary. So that was an incredibly great investment for me.

"But we've always gone with BELAY. They're used to hiring assistants and setting up coaches with the specific needs that a coach has, and they've always just been fantastic. And you can also scale up.

"So I think the first time I did it, I started with 10 hours, moved to 20, 25 pretty quickly, moved all the way to 40 and then [bought them out]. I had to pay ... so that that person could actually just come on staff, but it was such a wonderful thing to be able to scale up in that way. 

To dive into more manageable, actionable things you can do to affect change in your business, check out the full episode linked above, or get started with your own Virtual Assistant today.