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Guest Post: Carey Nieuwhof on 3 Ways BELAY Can Help You Lead Better

It's no secret that leading a church in our fast-paced society often feels like steering a ship in the middle of an unending storm. 

Between navigating the needs of your congregation in an ever-evolving cultural climate and trying to be present in your personal relationships with friends and family, we’re constantly pulled in multiple directions. It can leave you teetering on the edge of burnout—a struggle I've grappled with countless times over the years.

A half dozen times in the last seven years, in the midst of leading rapidly growing organizations, I've turned to BELAY for virtual assistance and support — and they've delivered.

Here's what I've found.

1. Their Approach is Custom to You

BELAY's approach is to match you with an Executive Assistant who's been selected to align with your unique needs, working style, and personality. If you need help a few days a week, they can match that. If you need full-time support, they've got that covered, too.

And it's easy to change if your situation changes. If you need more support, they can provide that. If you need to ratchet down, that's as easy as an email.

2. They Do the Hard Work of Selecting Top Candidates

BELAY gets over 9,000 applications a month. From that pool, they do all the vetting, accepting only the best of the best – less than 2% of BELAY’s applicants make the cut. They're extremely picky, so you don't have to be.

You’re then paired with a pre-vetted candidate, saving you the cost and time involved in a search — sorting for weeks or months through resumes, endless interviews, assessments, and a final offer. All of that is taken care of long before you reach out to BELAY, so you can get moving quickly.

3. Time Freedom Becomes So Much Easier For You As a Leader

One of the hurdles most leaders—especially church leaders—face is that they're inundated with requests, tasks, and demands on their time. Add to that the fact that many leaders are natural control freaks, and you have a perfect recipe for overwhelm and burnout.

BELAY's coaching on how much I can actually delegate to an Executive Assistant ... has given me the time and freedom to focus on what I really need to pursue: writing, vision-casting, and aligning our team— not to mention a regular day or two off.

For all these reasons, I've come to trust BELAY to be the quality fractional staffing solution every busy leader needs.