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Every Top Leader's Secret Weapon

Can you afford an executive assistant? The real question is: Can you afford not to have one? 

As a leader, most of us are moving a hundred miles a minute, going through the day at a blistering pace, with phone calls, meetings and important decisions every hour.

Some entrepreneurs who are just getting started might consider having an executive assistant as an unnecessary luxury. But Jason Pond – the CEO at Grizzly Broadband – knows that’s just not the case. 

He’s joining us to talk about the power of having an executive assistant, specifically how it can elevate your capacity and effectiveness as a leader, both personally and professionally.


Here are some takeaways:


1. Even if you're a high-performing leader, you can't operate your business from memory!

It’s okay to admit you aren’t perfect! You can’t do it all, and that’s why having an assistant is so valuable. Hiring a VA is a leap of faith that’s worth every penny because they are an extension of you.

You can leverage your VA to help you where you most need it. Usually, leaders start with areas like email and scheduling and then build from there.

2. Make sure your Virtual Assistant feels part of your overall team.

In other words, not only should they feel included, but your team should know that your assistant is an extension of you. They shouldn’t come to you about scheduling or other more simple tasks – they should be going directly to your assistant. 

When your assistant becomes part of your team in that way, you can do so much more from a production standpoint.

3. The Virtual Assistant option makes sense in today's work climate more than ever.

The global pandemic in 2020, and the resulting work-from-home culture that developed, has made remote options even more appealing. That’s no different from having an assistant. 

Zoom meetings are easy, office space is expensive, and you can always get together in person when needed. Virtual Assistants truly are the effective leader’s secret weapon.


When thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, here are some questions to consider:.

Talk about what drove you to hire an assistant. Or, if you don’t have one yet, what type of factors would cause you to make that decision?

What are the most important things an assistant can do to help a leader?

What are some of the most difficult areas for you to delegate and let go? What would cause you to make the decision to delegate?

Delegation is not an easy process, but it’s worth it. And it’s one of the most effective tools in a leader’s tool kit. Delegation empowers your team and helps you grow your business. Access our list of 30 tasks you can start delegating today!