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Engaging Remote Teams with Tricia Sciortino on The Leadercast Podcast

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Tricia Sciortino, BELAY CEO, started working with BELAY as a Virtual Assistant when she found herself at a crossroads of wanting an option for working full-time as a career professional and being a parent.

BELAY provided a career where she, and many others like her, could work a remote and flexible job from home while being available to her children and also having a thriving, growing career.

And with flexible, third-option jobs, BELAY Specialists are even more motivated to help the clients they serve achieve the same schedule. 

Many leaders are spending too many of their valuable hours on admin work, buried in their inboxes, booking their own travel, scheduling their own meetings, or doing their own books and expenses.

When this happens, they’re either working longer hours — including nights and weekends — or they’re dropping balls and missing things.

BELAY Specialists come alongside them, as experts in their respective fields, to take care of the administrative side of their business, so they don’t have to.

When you’re able to open yourself to a remote workforce, you may have some questions on how to best manage them.


Here are some tips:

1. Integrate culture into remote life. And then think about how to trickle your core values into that.

2. Communication gaps cause odd tensions and a potential lack of trust. Combat that by increasing the frequency of communication.

This can be done through weekly standing meetings for each department and weekly all-team meetings. 

At BELAY, we make sure our leadership team is aligned and there is general cohesion in communication and expectations.


In this episode of The Leadercast Podcast, Joe Boyd and our CEO Tricia Sciortino have a conversation about remote work — and delegating your time.

One step you can take not to feel so overcommitted or overwhelmed at work is to delegate.

To get started on delegation, text LEADERCAST to 55123 to download our eBook, Rise Up & Lead Well, by CEO Tricia Sciortino.


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