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Delegate to Elevate with Lisa Zeeveld


Can you shut your laptop for the whole weekend? Or even a night? What about just setting your phone down to enjoy a full family dinner?

One last question: What’s stopping you from making that happen? 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is just like any other new process—it’s common to have questions and concerns before starting it. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth starting. 

In this episode, BELAY CFO Lisa Zeeveld joins Steven Jarvis on his podcast Retirement Tax Services to discuss their own experiences with their VAs along with the questions they had before starting the process. 

As a former VA herself, Lisa knows every side of the VA partnership including the main appeal of fractional support: 

“People are looking for flexibility. They're looking for a good work-life balance.” - Lisa Zeeveld

While everyone wants this work-life balance, many leaders make the common mistake of believing they can do it all on their own. Because they are getting by without one, the idea of a VA can feel extravagant for some. 

But you lose more than just your time when you decide to take it all on—you miss out on the expertise that a VA could bring to your organization as well. 

“I'm delegating to someone else, I'm delegating to someone who's excited about it and who is way better at those things than me.” - Steven Jarvis

So, the question isn’t, can you do it all yourself? But rather, could someone else do it better? 

This question becomes even more important when you think about the value of your time. There is plenty in your organization that ONLY you can do, so why would you waste your valuable time doing work that someone else could do better?

Speaking of work that only you can do, a common concern about VAs in the finance word is confidentiality and trust. That’s why BELAY always keeps the industry and specific needs in mind when matching VAs. 

“We're going to be able to find somebody who understands your industry and has worked with other leaders who are similar to you.” - Lisa Zeeveld

For more answers and guidance about getting your own Virtual Assistant, listen to the full episode, and for a better understanding of how a VA could help you, take a look at our checklist of things every Financial Advisor should be delegating here.