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Client Success Story:
Theresa Caden

GracePointe Forsyth Church began in 2006 with a vision to love the people of Forsyth County and surrounding areas where they live, work and play.

Theresa Caden is the administrator at GracePointe Church and is responsible for various tasks, including accounting, hiring, payroll, check requests, billing, and financials.

The Challenge

GracePointe has contracted several BELAY bookkeepers over the years and already had the role of a contractor in place before Theresa started working there.

“I retired in 2018,” Theresa says. “Previous to that, I was a human resources director in health care. I quickly found out that retirement wasn’t my niche, and the opportunity came up to help out the church.”

Theresa is currently working with BELAY Bookkeeper Lisa Murphy.

The Solution

“We work well together,” Theresa says. “Our communication is good, and she’s always willing to help me or find the answer.”

“[In accounting,] I will sometimes get tunnel vision,” Theresa says. “I think it’s good to have another set of eyes outside of the church.”

In her partnership with a bookkeeper, Theresa is aware that she works best with someone who trusts the processes already in place and goes with the flow in order to not have much of a push or pull.

Lisa has been the perfect blend of taking over the tasks and knocking them off the list while also suggesting when or if there are positive changes or adjustments that could be made.

Because of this, the two of them have been able to work well together and accomplish a lot as a team.

“I know exactly what she’s wanting and how she’s wanting it,“ Theresa recognizes. ”I know exactly how she wants it coded and I’m able to put that on the invoice and load it into I am feeding her information the way that she wants to receive information.”

The Result

“[Lisa] is very timely and she’s very responsive,” Theresa says. “One of the biggest accomplishments of hers for me is that she gets me our financials on time.”

“She is easygoing, and we work well together. She works with you and not against you.”

With Lisa’s help, Theresa has been able to retain a job with no stress.


“I did not retire to take on a level of stress and worry about money.”


“Lisa, having the personality that she does and being the type of person that she is, makes it easy to work with her. She’s a good fit for the church.”