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Client Success Story:
Ryan Treadwell

Ryan Treadwell is the Director of Operations at Orchard, an organization that helps ministry leaders thrive by providing cost-free, customized consulting, guidance and resources.

Orchard helps non-profit leaders thrive through cost-free coaching and training. From feeding the hungry, and mentoring students, to fighting human trafficking, its more than 100 Partners are using their gifts and passions to meet some of the world’s deepest needs.

Orchard provides comprehensive online training, coaching, and one-on-one consulting to non-profit ministry leaders. 

Its services are tailored to both new and experienced leaders to deepen their impact today and strengthen long-term viability for the years to come. Its services are also entirely free of charge to its non-profit ministry partners, thanks to generous donors who invest in Orchard year after year.


The Challenge

Ryan Treadwell oversees all of Orchard’s programming, consisting of the Orchard Partners program, training and consulting efforts at Orchard.

“We offer consulting and coaching for early phase nonprofit leaders [by] trying to help nonprofits learn what it looks like to be sustainable and scalable as they go out and serve their communities,” Ryan says. “We currently serve over a hundred nonprofits that are impacting about 150,000 people across the country.

“And we have been working with BELAY for a little over three years in a few capacities.”

And that’s where BELAY Bookkeeper Kerri Montgomery comes in.


The Solution

With the support of BELAY, Ryan has been able to experience a significant shift in how he allocates his time and energy.

“BELAY has allowed me to focus on the responsibilities of my job that I need versus having to get stuck in some of the pieces that, while they may be on my job description, are not where I should put my time and energy,” Ryan says.

“And our bookkeeper, in a lot of ways, feels like another employee instead of a contractor. We've run into that a few times where you hire a contractor and they do what they need to, but they don't necessarily feel part of the team.

“Our Bookkeeper with BELAY feels entirely different.

“We spend a lot of time with her. There's a lot of consistency in our interactions, and it has truly allowed us, me and our team, to do the things we need to while she gets to serve in that capacity.

BELAY's support has not only empowered Ryan to refocus his energy but has also fostered a genuine and integrated partnership with their bookkeeper, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Orchard’s team.


The Result

With Kerri along for the ride, Ryan has been able to hand off tasks and gain some time and space back into what matters most for his role.

And Ryan's journey with BELAY is a testament to the power of tailored support in navigating the unpredictable seasons of life.

“I'm really thankful for what BELAY has done,” Ryan says.

“For this season, I'm really thankful that I don't have to put more energy into it now in a year that could change. And so I just feel like [BELAY] has done a good job of being very individualistic about what each client needs. I've been super thankful for that.”