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Client Success Story:
Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Auditoria.AI, an early-stage software firm that connects your systems of record and shared email inboxes to effortlessly respond to communications.

Their mission is to make organizations more efficient and competitive by accelerating key finance processes, increasing business visibility, and improving compliance using leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

The Challenge

“I needed a little bit more help in organizing my personal calendar,” Rohit remembers. “There were a lot of conflicting meetings as the volume of our business operations had expanded, and that was really the trigger to seek some assistance on the administrative side of the house.”


“I had a few contacts who had worked with BELAY in the past, and that's how I got in touch,” Rohit says. “The process was simple and straightforward from there.”


“I had outlined what specific areas of assistance I was looking for, and I mentioned a couple of areas that I felt we would need assistance with probably three or four months down the line over and above administration.”

Enter BELAY Virtual Assistant Victoria Owen.

The Solution

“From my personal working style, I try to outline my expectations upfront,” Rohit says. “We have weekly checkpoints at the beginning of the week to look at my calendar for the rest of the week ensuring that conflicts are removed, prioritizations are done and follow ups are handled.”

“Victoria makes sure everything is streamlined.” Rohit says. “She progressively takes on more responsibilities. She’s handled team building activities and recruiting and sourcing activities for our business units.” 

“She’s quick to pick up things and demonstrate value.”

The Result

Victoria’s role has evolved to the point of her not only managing with Rohit’s calendar and booking his travel reservations. 

She now also handles vendor inquiries, supports talent sourcing efforts, and manages employee perks and team development and recognition efforts.

“When someone is diligent and thorough and follows up and ensures that things don’t slip, that’s how trust develops,” Rohit says. “We’re in the midst of that journey. She’s thorough and ensures things get taken care of, and — when something isn’t clear — she reaches out. We’ve got a good rhythm.”

Schedule management and streamlined follow ups are two of the biggest things Rohit has gained in this engagement with Victoria. 

“My calendar is much better managed and organized,” Rohit admits. “There aren’t any sort of conflicting, competing assignments and meeting follow-ups are scheduled appropriately. It’s a lot more efficient.”

“Time is my most important asset,” Rohit says. “Given the fact that, at least in my role, I cater to almost every stakeholder in the business, both internal and external, time is a critical asset for me.


“Victoria has been a real asset, and I’m looking forward to several more years of collaboration [with BELAY].”


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Virtual Assistant Victoria Owen


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