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Client Success Story:
Renard Bergstrom

As president of Bergstrom Automotive, Renard and his organization are on a mission to put the fun back into buying a car with the belief that if you treat people courteously and truly help them, they’ll become your customers for life.

They’re not in business to sell cars to make a quick buck; they’re in business to find great people who will buy cars from them for life.


The Challenge

As an automotive retailing group that operates three new car dealerships in Devils Lake, North Dakota, Renard leads a little more than 100 team members that all work in their physical dealerships.

Additionally, they also outsource some calling services to keep in touch with their customers.

But, unsurprisingly, he needed more help.

So he reached out to BELAY to get help with things that he needed to do himself – but didn’t require specific knowledge to do.

The Solution

Enter: BELAY VA Rhonda.

“Rhonda has picked up many of the routine tasks that I have to do – and now takes care of them for me,” he shares. “[And] as Rhonda has become a part of our team, she has started taking on tasks for other team members as well and allowed us to free up time for tasks that have to take place on-site.”

Admittedly – understandably – he did have some initial hesitations.

“I was somewhat hesitant to share confidential information at first,” he says. “Time is the best tool to build trust, and as we have progressed, I have become more and more comfortable on that front. Every time I have given Rhonda sensitive projects or information, she has handled it professionally – and that is the best way to build trust.”

The Results

“[Rhonda] runs my schedule, does some light accounting, stays on top of customer programs that need monitoring, and gives me information when she finds problems,” he says. “This is very effective and allows me to find out about things that might have gotten past me without [her]!”

And as a leader with the right support, the biggest win for Renard was easy.

“Better control of my time is the biggest improvement,” he says, “but having someone gathering information for me and telling me when there are issues I need to attend to [has been] huge as well.”

“I am more on top of things now – and I’m sure it shows!”