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Client Success Story:
Matt Christ and Orsolya Herbein

Brand3 founding partners, Matt Christ and Orsolya Herbein, have decades of marketing experience and have successfully transformed hundreds of businesses from noise to clarity.

Their unique process aligns brand, marketing, and customer experience into a solid strategic plan which drives effective results by combining three essential areas: brand, marketing and customer experience.


The Challenge

As a virtual marketing branding company serving a small- to middle-market since 2016, Brand3 is dedicated to building clarity for its customers’ messaging and optics to connect them with the right customers.  

But suddenly, they had to let go of one of their two employees who had been with them for years due to performance. Then, the other project manager took another higher-paying job and left.

So it was time to make a change. 

They were in a ‘pretty desperate situation’ and needed a good project manager. So they placed ads in the paper, electing their usual hiring routes. 

But their ‘usual hiring routes’ didn’t yield what they so desperately needed – so they decided to give BELAY a try.

The Solution

Almost immediately, they knew they had made the right decision.

They were matched with their Virtual Assistant, Ashley, and once onboarded, the relief was evident early on.

Matt had read Bryan Miles’ book, ‘Virtual Culture: The Way We Work Doesn’t Work Anymore,’ and found himself nodding along as he came to recognize that Ashley could accomplish in 30 hours a week what it used to take two full-time employees to accomplish.

Now, they estimate that Ashley can accomplish 80 hours of work in her 30 hours just by not having office distractions. With that revelation, Brand3 hired an additional BELAY Virtual Assistant, Liliana.

The Results

For Brand3, the hiring process was completely eliminated. 

And now, they are actively trying to be as virtual as possible – and feel like their VAs are a part of their Brand3 team.

“Everybody loves them, accepts them,” Matt shared. “They are Brand3 to me; they’re not BELAY. And that’s awesome.”