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Client Success Story:
Lindsay Mitrosilis

Lindsay Mitrosilis is a LinkedIn coach, mentor and agency owner at Mitrosilis Consulting, a business helping impact-driven business owners add LinkedIn to their marketing and lead-generation toolbox so they can earn business.

Lindsay works with professionals who want to build their audience on LinkedIn and use the platform to reach their business goals — including branding, recruitment for their company, retention of their employees or sales.

Lindsay has been in business for three years and has three BELAY contractors.

The Challenge

“I found BELAY through reading Michael Hyatt’s book, Your World-Class Assistant,” Lindsay remembers. “It changed my mind and opened my perspective on how I could get my time back in my business because, at the time, before hiring anybody and leveraging BELAY, I was doing all of the things.

After reading the book, Lindsay reached out to BELAY.


“We actually had some conversations over the course of a few months because I was a little nervous to pull the trigger and actually bring on an employee,” Lindsay says. “But it was the best thing I did in my business and shortly after that, I added on a few more contractors with [BELAY].”


And those people are BELAY Social Media Manager Amy Pugh, BELAY Social Media Manager Lori Culpepper, and BELAY Virtual Assistant Nora Ayan.

The Solution

Each of these contractors has been pivotal in their own way in order to help Lindsay in her business.

“We call Amy our ‘Engagement Manager,’” Lindsay says. “She’s really good at learning somebody’s voice and then going off into the social media world, and talking as if she’s a client. I trust her completely with all of our clients and their engagements.

“Lori is a fantastic writer and just phenomenal. She’s very coachable. She’s very skilled in writing and she has a lot of knowledge. She’s a great asset to the team.

“Nora is our assistant, and she’s just so sweet and so kind, and has been able to pick up where [my last VA] left off and kept it all going.”

With each of their specific skills and expertise, they have all been essential to Lindsay and Mitrosilis Consulting.

“There are many things you could do as a business owner that you shouldn’t do because if you are in a client services role like we are — or if you serve people in any way — the best thing you can do is lean into your strengths and delegate things you are not good at or that you’re mediocre at.”

And that’s exactly what Lindsay has done.

The Result

“I could not take on more clients without [my contractors],” Lindsay says. “How much do you value your personal time? How much do you value time with your family, with your kids, working on yourself, working out, reading?

“I probably wouldn’t have my business without having them because I was at the point where I was about to just close my doors because it was so much work for me.

“I had no personal life,” Lindsey adds. “I’m a mom – I think I was even pregnant at the time with my second when we started introducing BELAY into the business.


“My business wouldn’t even exist today if it wasn’t for BELAY because I needed the help, and I needed people to come in very quickly. I didn’t have a lot of time to train.
That’s one of the best things about BELAY is that [its contractors] are specialized in [their] skill sets. It was very clear to me what I could leverage BELAY for, and [BELAY] exceeded my expectations truly.”