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Client Success Story:
Keith Cupp

Keith Cupp is the founder and head coach of Gravitas Impact, an organization helping coaches build and execute their unique personal roadmap to achieve the life they've always wanted.

Gravitas Impact, a worldwide community of premium coaches, seasoned consultants and experienced CEOs, who build award-winning companies, believes in finding a better way to build a thriving business by making sense of the challenges business leaders face.

Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches help mid-market growth companies achieve their objectives and prosper by using the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth® framework. Its high-performance support team lives out the purpose and values of Gravitas Impact as we serve the coaches by delivering the best education, tools and community.


The Challenge

“I was first exposed to BELAY at a Dave Ramsey conference in San Diego in 2019,” Keith recalls. “As I followed Dave Ramsey, I just kind of paid attention to BELAY. 

“And then we went through some transition just before and during COVID. We wanted to get someone on board who was independent and could help us with our finances, accounting and payables. 

“We needed someone who could help us with the complexity, simplify it, manage it, and then also make sense of it with the right type of reporting.”

Enter BELAY Bookkeeper Trish Anderson.


The Solution

“Trish has been fantastic. She came in levelheaded, quiet, great attention to detail,” Keith says. “And then over the last [few] years has just done a fantastic job. And then our Client Success Consultant, Sarah, has been delightful to work with — checking in regularly and helping us out with some things, insights and just being there.”

Keith wanted Trish to help him with organizational cleanup and good reporting in the first couple of quarters. Once they got into a good groove with that, she transitioned to helping him find areas to save costs as well as determining what the data was telling them and what other reports they should be looking at.


“We had multiple banking relationships,” Keith notes. “And so as Trish went through and would reconcile statements, she'd take notes. And then she came forward and said, ‘Hey, I think we're spending too much here. Are you really using these? I'm seeing these recurring fees or recurring charges, let's investigate.’ 
“We had some Adobe accounts, some other social media accounts, bank fees, and individually, that's not a big thing. [But when] you add all that up, that becomes real money. That would be one example where she's proactively helped us save money.“


And not only has Trish helped Gravitas Impact save money, she has effortlessly become part of the team.

“With Trish, she just fits the team really well,” Keith says. “We have our core values very clear. We win together. We don't play. We find a way to get things done.

“Sarah did a fantastic job of knowing who we were and not only finding the right skillset but also the right core values fit. And that's been a pleasant surprise along the way. We just consider her part of the team.”


The Result

“I tend to be out of the details, and yet there are things that an owner must do,” Keith adds. “And there are protective walls you must have in finance and accounting where if someone's accounting for the money, they shouldn't be bringing in the money and have signature authority and so on. 

“I've loved delegating. Delegation was easy once we had confidence, got the [back end] in order, and then moved some more administration things over.


“Leaders need to know their strengths and spend the majority of their time doing in the business what they're strong at, and then surround themselves with people who are strong in the area that the leader is weak,” Keith says. 
“I'm not weak at finance. But my best and highest use is being with people out on the front lines, on Zoom, or on calls. And so she has leveraged me as a leader by putting me in my zone where I need to be.”


“And this applies to everybody—anybody who may be thinking about a Virtual Assistant marketing assistant or bookkeeper through BELAY. Find out what you don't like to do, and then get an assistant to take those things on, and then the team really gets humming.

“There's the financial value of getting a return on someone doing the work, and that's based of course, on market price and the value you have in your budget and so on. But being able to do it with fun and joy and giving them more work, it's really hard to put a price tag on it. It's [an] intangible value that is almost indescribable at times.”