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Client Success Story:
John Rex

John Rex is the president of Rex Executive Leadership, a business consulting firm turning C-suite leaders into elite executives.

About the Company

John Rex is the president of Rex Executive Leadership, a business consulting firm turning C-suite leaders into elite executives.

Rex Executive Leadership helps high-performing executives grow to the next level and deliver a big impact while finding joy in the journey.

As the former CFO of Microsoft North America, John brings a real-world perspective to his clients’ leadership challenges. John understands the intensity of leading complex businesses because he’s done it himself. 

He is known for approaching each coaching relationship with a sharp sense of executive insight and a mindset of compassion, curiosity, and courage.


The Challenge

“I see an assistant as a partner,” John says. “I needed someone to make me more efficient and professionally represent my brand.”

When John began to search for an assistant who could be a partner to him, he found a great option in BELAY.

BELAY stood out to John as the best option when he discovered similar core values. He also appreciated how each contractor proves, through our interview process, their tenacity and attention to detail.

And that’s when he was matched with a BELAY Virtual Assistant turned full-time Rex Executive Leadership employee, Jackie Lewis. 


The Solution

It’s no secret that executives — as much as they would probably want to — can’t do it all.

And John is the first to admit that he would have less time and growth without the help of a Virtual Assistant.“I wouldn't have been able to scale my business as much as I have,” John says. “I've nearly doubled the size of my business since I began working with BELAY, and I couldn’t have achieved that growth without the help of a world-class Virtual Assistant.”

John began to experience the benefits of having Jackie alongside him quickly.

“With Jackie, it was within a week or so because she was such a fast learner and has such a positive, can-do attitude,” John remembers.

“Within a couple of weeks, Jackie had nailed the basics. Within two months, she was suggesting improvements to my business processes. She continues to help me innovate to this day.”


The Result

“I'm a big fan,” John adds. “I tell people about BELAY all the time. I rave about Jackie and they're like, ‘Well, how did you find her?’ 


“[BELAY] offer[s] a great service, especially for entrepreneurs. It's a low-risk, confident way to find great talent. And that's a hard thing to do especially when you're looking for remote workers. [BELAY’s] white glove service all along the way is terrific.”


Jackie has added value to John by saving him time during his weeks.

“She saves me [around] five or 10 hours a week. It's valuable to me. What might be even more valuable — and this is even harder to put a dollar number on — is just the peace of mind that I get knowing that the administrative backbone of my business is solid and happens without me having to worry about it.

“I suffered with that for a number of years before Jackie arrived.”