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Client Success Story:
Eugenia Krok

Eugenia Krok, owner of Accessible Astrology, holds a master’s degree in Counseling and Art Psychotherapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. As a practicing astrologer of over 10 years, Eugenia has served thousands of grateful clients.

Accessible Astrology has a diverse team of six astrologers with a cumulative 25 years of astrological study and experience. Its team is deeply educated in a variety of professional fields, holding itself to standards that are not often seen in this field.

The Challenge

Eugenia found herself in the creative process of brainstorming how to grow her business.

“I’ve always known I needed an assistant,” Eugenia says. “I tried hiring my own assistants [and] probably went through three different people.”

“I just got to the point where I was like, ‘If I don’t try to get help [and] I don’t come up with this extra money every month to pay for an assistant, I’m going to lose the business because I just can’t keep up.’


“So I took the plunge [in] hiring [a VA] and my business has tripled because of that because she’s doing all the stuff that was driving me crazy.”


Enter BELAY Virtual Assistant Michelle DeHaven.

The Solution

“[For] all of the stuff I don’t want to think about, I don’t have to think about [it anymore],” Eugenia says.

Michelle’s primary responsibility is managing all customer and client relations, including emails, questions, concerns or complaints.

“I haven’t had to take an email from a customer since I hired [Michelle],” Eugenia remarks. “That’s huge for me because when I look at emails, I want to throw up. So that’s very exciting.”

“She also helps with structuring and tracking data, and takes all the pieces and puts them in nice little boxes. She’s organizing the business [along with] keeping me on track.”

Eugenia credits BELAY for matching her with a VA who has a personality similar to hers. Because of that, the trust between them seems to have always existed.


“Over time, I implicitly trust Michelle, and I think I’ve always trusted her to some extent because we have a similar personality,” Eugenia says. “We’re no-BS people. We’re just here to get the job done, and because of that I guess there’s just an innate trust with her.”


The Result

“The business has the potential to be whatever I want it to be because of Michelle,” Eugenia says. “I can focus on dreaming now. I have a lot of big aspirations, so she’s completely why I can do the things I’m trying to do right now.”

“I’m in a business mentorship class now because I have time to do that.”

But Michelle’s biggest win has been gaining back time.

“Time is the most valuable asset in life,” Eugenia says. “This summer I had to take two months off because of a death in the family, and it was chaos for two months – and somehow, the business is still running.” 

“[It’s] a miracle that I have the time [that] I can do that. Michelle is my savior.”


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