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Client Success Story:
Ernie Svenson

Ernie Svenson, a New Orleans commercial litigator, has spent 15 years practicing law in a big firm, totally dependent on secretaries and paralegals to manage bulky paper files. 

He learned the secret of paperless lawyering, which led him to go out on his own and create The Paperless Chase, a practice so smooth and efficient that it practically ran itself – until it didn’t.


The Challenge

Before using a BELAY Virtual Assistant, Ernie was constantly agonizing over petty tasks that were constantly pulling him away from larger projects that were more important. It was not only a productivity drain; it was frustrating. 

Still, he wasn’t sure about hiring a high-quality VA because he worried about getting the right person and getting off on the right footing. 

He hadn’t had great success with other VAs so he had a lot of apprehensions.

The Solution

Ernie now has a lot more time to deal with important things that require focused attention. 

He also has the confidence that smaller – but nevertheless important – tasks will be handled quickly without him even being aware of them, much less involved in dealing with them. 

“Jheri has been a godsend. She’s smart, resourceful, and proactive,” he shares. 

He now trusts her to stay on top of things even more than he trusts himself. He’s so content with the quality of her work and pleasantly surprised at how well the onboarding process went. 

And now, even after months of working with Jheri, he hears from the BELAY relationship manager asking how things are going.

The Results

Ernie admits that while it was hard to find the right people to work with, BELAY did whatever it took to make sure he succeeded. 

He also admits to being astonished at how much more work he could do and how much more enjoyable his work became. 

“[So] if you’re considering using BELAY, it’s because you have a need – no shame in needing help; most people do. 

“And if you feel like you could benefit from virtual assistance, make sure you maximize your chances for success. Don’t try to hire someone yourself; rely on experts that will make sure you get the right person!”