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Client Success Story:
Doug Poll

Doug Poll is a Southwest Florida C12 chair at C12 Group, an organization leading business owners and executives to build great businesses for the greater purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom.

Over the last 25 years, Doug has built and led companies that have allowed him to use his talents for God’s greater purpose. His vision is to passionately engage others in finding God’s purpose for their lives and business, and that is why he loves his work and calling with the C12 Group.

Prior to joining C12 in 2015, Doug founded Developing People Group in 2009 which specializes in leadership development and helping companies become high-performance organizations.

C12 helps CEOs and executives of growth-stage companies calibrate their businesses through its signature 5-Point Alignment Matrix. This process encourages leaders to continually evaluate and align revenue growth strategies, financial stewardship, cultural development, and operations within a framework of Business as a Ministry.

C12’s rigorous, interactive curriculum empowers members to lean into challenges and leverage the opportunities of today’s marketplace.


The Challenge

Doug contacted BELAY when he was seeking more time to grow his C12 practice.

“I was overwhelmed with details,” Doug remembers. “I’m a visionary, and too many details killed my creativity and ideas. [I needed] to serve all my clients effectively and handle new prospects and projects.

“I’ve seen several friends use BELAY effectively, and I appreciate working with a company with the same Christian values.”

When his wife urged him to move forward with help from BELAY, Doug quickly added an experienced team member to help him manage these details.

Enter BELAY Virtual Assistant Erica Short.


The Solution

Doug experienced initial relief in not having to spend his valuable time responding to emails, putting projects together, or following up.

“I have more time to think, plan, and execute — which makes a difference,” Doug says. “Erica enables me to spend time on what’s important. [With her help, we’re] building member relationships and also serving them with an extra set of hands.”

In fact, things have been going so well that Doug has decided to increase Erica’s monthly hours.


The Result

The next phase of growth for Doug and C12 is expanding his business influence and acumen through another company that was just started.

“C12 chairs max out with five groups of 12 leaders each,” Doug explains. “I really believe Erica has allowed me to add the sixth group and run them effectively. Each group represents thousands of dollars a month and significant time poured into each member.”

Along with financial growth, Erica has also been a good personality fit for Doug and his team.


“Erica is such a bright spot on our team,” Doug says. “Her attitude, attention to detail, and excellent skills allow me to operate three businesses and focus on 70 business owners and executives each month.

“I gladly write this check every month.”