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Client Success Story:
Debra Boland

Advent Lutheran Church is a community of faith that strives to live out God’s grace by worshiping God, sharing time together in fellowship, and reaching out to our neighbors.

Debra Boland is the office administrator at Advent Lutheran Church and is responsible for various tasks within the business and ministry side of the church.

The Challenge

“It’s almost impossible to find a bookkeeper who is willing to work as a volunteer or even a paid bookkeeper for a church,” Debra says.

 “We don’t need a bookkeeper to be on staff being paid as a regular employee, so [something like this] has really helped us a lot.”

Enter BELAY Bookkeeper Samuel Card.

The Solution

“If I have any questions, he’s usually right there to answer them for me,” Debra notes. “We have a few vendors we’re adding to, and he’s been helpful in orchestrating that specifically.”

Debra and Samuel have been able to work well together and understand each other.


“We had a meeting when he first started, and we got along great and he understood what I needed and I understood what he needed and it’s been a really good matchup between us.”


“I am not a numbers person, so I’m super glad he has taken care of all of the bills,” Debra says. “It’s awesome that I can just send him my bills and code them so he knows which account to take it out of, and it’s done. It’s taken care of.”

A win for Debra and the team at Advent Lutheran Church has been having the relief of knowing things are being taken care of.

“[For] any kind of question I have, he usually has an answer or knows how to get that answer to me,” Debra says. “It’s been a big relief to have someone like that who understands our business.” 

“He’s a bookkeeper for a couple of other churches, so he knows the business as well as being a bookkeeper.”

Debra has gained clarity and time to focus on what she is best at doing with Samuel’s support.

“I have time to do my job,” Debra says. “I don’t have to worry about the finances, so I have time to do what I need to do.”

“He’s just a really nice guy, and I’ve really enjoyed working with him.”