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An Entrepreneur's Handbook to Getting More Done Every Day

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Wasted time can lead to missed opportunities. Missed opportunities mean you’re not seeing the best results. If there’s something that can help a business owner and their team work smarter, not harder, then it’s surely a valuable asset.

Ambitious entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for tips, tools, and strategies to get their companies working more efficiently toward their goals. With that in mind, here are several actionable ways small-business owners and their teams can get more done every day.

Embrace delegation.

Entrepreneurs often have such a strong vision and passion for what they’re doing, it can be difficult to allow anyone else to do some of the work. Smart entrepreneurs learn early on, however, that they aren’t superhuman. To set and accomplish big goals, you need a top-notch team and the ability to delegate.

The most important outcome of delegation is giving you, the business owner, the time and space to focus on doing what only you can do to grow your business. You cannot grow your organization if you are in the administrative weeds. Being willing and knowing how to delegate tasks also goes a long way in developing the kind of employees and leaders that step up and help enable you, them, and your business to grow.

Save time with a virtual assistant.

When it comes to delegation, many administrative tasks waste time that’s better spent focused on bigger projects. That’s where utilizing a virtual assistant can be a gamer-changer.

At BELAY for instance, their network of professional virtual assistants can help your business accomplish more and juggle less. A virtual assistant can help with everyday tasks like coordinating projects, scheduling appointments, sending emails, and making travel arrangements. This can free up precious hours each week for you and your employees to focus on things like generating revenue, providing exceptional customer service, and so much more.

Allow someone else to manage the bookkeeping.

Let’s face it, bookkeeping and other accounting responsibilities typically aren’t in an entrepreneur’s wheelhouse. But managing your bottom line is the difference between success and failure, so it needs to get done! Many business owners either waste time trying to figure it out themselves or waste money hiring someone on staff to manage it full-time.

While you’re relying on a virtual assistant, it wouldn’t hurt to use a virtual bookkeeper as well. Your finances are not the place to be experimenting, holding your breath with fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

BELAY’s Virtual Bookkeepers allow organizations to procure the financial support needed to fulfill their bookkeeping and payroll needs without burdening their staff with those duties. An experienced remote bookkeeper can provide accurate monthly and annual reports of financial data for your business. Meanwhile, you can then leverage that data to better analyze operations and help inform all business decisions. It’s a win-win.

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