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Accelerating Creativity: 5 Practical Ways To Use AI To Improve Your Creative Work

AI is rapidly changing the way we work, and the creative workplace is no exception. 

Our marketing team has been utilizing AI in our creative assets to free up time for us to focus on more strategic work while also improving the quality of creative output – and we’re ready to let you in on a few of our secrets.

In this webinar, our Director of Marketing Ryan Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager Ebony Clark, and Video Production & Content Designer Ben Ackerley discuss how AI is transforming creativity in the workplace. 

They share some of the specific AI tools that are being used by creative professionals and will provide practical tips on how to get started with AI in your work.


Here are some takeaways they shared on uncovering the strategies, tools and insights that drive their collaborative intelligence and maximize their productivity.


1. ChatGPT can be used in idea generation, content generation and market research and insights.

ChatGPT can turn out high-quality content quickly

Our marketing team has used ChatGPT for blog posts, social media captions, marketing research, brainstorming, first working drafts, slogans, brochures, video scripts, ad copy, elevator pitches and outlines — helping expedite the creative process.

As writers, we still want to own the words and we still know whatever is populated needs a human touch. And we’ve seen that ChatGPT-generated copy always needs to be both looked over and fact-checked by human eyes.

At the World Economic Forum’s recent Growth Summit, Richard Baldwin shared insights on AI.


“AI won’t take your job; it’s somebody using AI [who] will take your job.”


Learning how to leverage AI to do your job faster or better will keep you and your team at the top of your game.


2. Let's break down some of our favorite tools and how you can use them in your business.

AI tools can help with a variety of tasks, from automating repetitive tasks to generating creative content.

Here are a few of our marketing team’s favorites outside of ChatGPT.


One of the best things about Grammarly is that you can get so much from the free version.

And, in our humble opinion, everyone could be using Grammarly in their everyday lives.

With plugins and mobile versions, each word that comes out of your fingertips is simultaneously proofed and scanned for any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

And as a bonus with the paid version, the software will tell you how your sentences read emotionally — letting you know whether you have typed something positive, encouraging, direct or something else.


One of the beauties of search engines and AI, in general, is being able to generate knowledge on something you may not be familiar with otherwise. 

However, a daunting, gray cloud of plagiarism often follows you around if you find yourself lost in a tangled web of ‘borrowing’ content. 

QueText keeps you honest.

When you run your copy through QueText, it will give you the percentage of your document that is potentially plagiarized. It also denotes line by line what has been potentially poached from somewhere else and what percentage it is so that you can adjust, cite your sources and keep moving. is a transcription tool that joins your meetings — generating meeting summaries and transcribing your call for you.

From there, your BELAY Virtual Assistant can tweak the transcript, add participant names, make sure all details are included and add any key takeaway points or action steps.

This tool can be used to save your Virtual Assistant time that they can then take and redirect toward a different area of your business.


Canva can take you from nothing to something in minutes by being able to create documents, whiteboards, presentations, social media graphics, videos, print products, websites and much more.

You can manipulate images and create just about any graphic you would need with their templates and stock images.

Just as IKEA made a well-designed home accessible to a broad group of people, you can become a designer with Canva.


3. When utilizing AI in your workflow, focus on what is useful to you and your organization.

Consider how the tool could be useful to you. How does it actually make you more efficient, more profitable and more productive?

The secret to success with AI is finding a tool that works for you. There’s no sense in playing around on a system just for kicks. You have to figure out what problem is that you're trying to solve and then find a tool that makes your life easier. 

Also, take into consideration something that integrates into your life and the tools you already use.

With a tool like ChatGPT, it may be as simple as generating an email to a client. Finding the tool that makes sense for your work and your life is the best course of action.


If you can corner the few tools that work for exactly what you need to move your business forward and maximize your time so you can get more done, you’re already ahead of the game and saving yourself so much time.

We're just seeing the beginning of what these tools can do to propel businesses forward. To learn even more about how a BELAY VA can help your further maximize your time and productivity, check out our last webinar, Collaborative Intelligence:

How Virtual Assistants and AI Can Join Forces To Maximize Productivity – or schedule a call with us today!