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A Day In The Life: Christiana Hill

Christiana doesn’t like choices. Or rather she doesn’t like being forced to make one.

Stick with us here – we promise we’re going somewhere with this.

Simply put: She doesn’t like either-or propositions. So if, for example, you asked if she wanted soup or salad, she’d say both.

And no, it’s not because she’s particularly hungry – or maybe she is since she is eating for two after all. But we digress …

It’s because when faced with two options of equal appeal, she doesn’t see why she should have to only choose one.

We’ll let her explain.

“My freshman year of high school – yep, we’re going way back – we had to give our first-ever presentation on our biggest fear in life.

“I remember listening as the natural and expected topics arose – heights, spiders, losing loved ones – but what I remember the most is the look of confusion when I stood in front of the class and shared my biggest fear: white picket fences.

“I’ve always known my life was supposed to be different, unconventional. I didn’t want to follow the traditional path, sitting at a desk in an office for 40 hours a week and going home to that perfect white picket fence lifestyle.

“I wanted flexibility and stability. A family and a career. I wanted adventure and routine.”

See? It all makes more sense now, right? She might as well become the spokesperson for the Third Option.

So that’s clearly your ‘why’ for choosing the Third Option.

“Yup! Being virtual allows me to take a stand for the ‘and’ – and I’m all here for that!”

You’ve been with BELAY since May of 2019 – but is this your first time working virtually?

“I made the switch to work virtually back in 2016 because I couldn’t find fulfillment in any of the traditional 9-5 job settings I’d tried.

“I worked for Disney, Nike, ESPN and a few other places but no matter how fun or exciting the job was, I really wanted more flexibility in my day-to-day schedule. In true Christiana fashion, I made the decision to dive into the deep end – and I haven’t looked back!”

What has the Third Option afforded you that you didn't have or couldn't do before?

“I could go on about the big things – being able to travel home to see family whenever I want without needing to stress about vacation time, wrapping up my day early to go on a hike here in the beautiful PNW, or hanging out poolside while answering emails.

“But honestly, it’s the little things I love about the Third Option. Yesterday, my husband and I sat outside for lunch. I baked a loaf of bread between work calls. Our first baby is going to be born in June, and I get to enjoy slow mornings journaling about my pregnancy without having to rush into an office.

“The Third Option has brought little pockets of joy to me each and every day.”

What has changed for you and your client since starting your engagement?

“I’ve learned more in this past year than I have collectively since graduating college and beginning to work.

“Working for The Popcast has expanded my view of taking a stand for the ‘and’ because they so artfully walk the line between business and fun.

“They care for their people and are successful in what they do. They are professional and whimsical. Insightful and funny. So while I’ve been able to help The Popcast this year as a VA, they’ve also helped me expand and grow!”

What from your background helped prepare you for serving clients virtually?

“Honestly, I think my background as a college athlete has served me more than any professional experience I’ve ever had.

“Anyone can learn a task or skill with the right training, but being an athlete taught me to value people and the team above all.

“It taught me communication, vision, collaboration, and hard work. You're a part of something bigger than yourself, and that's always important to remember. You need to be just as bought into their mission as they are, regardless of whether you're in the office with them or not!”

What is one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again?

“One of my favorite coaches I ever played for said that a great captain is someone you’d run through a wall for. They have so much vision and heart for their team that you’d do whatever you could to be a part of what they’re doing.

“The Popcast is that for me. Regardless of the task they ask me to do – whether it’s a flashy new project or data management – I’m just so incredibly honored, excited, and privileged to be a part of their team and what they’re doing.”