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A Day In The Life: Chrissy Hudson

When Chrissy Hudson began looking for a new career path, she quickly realized that the best career opportunities in her area required an hour-long commute – two hours every day she wasn’t willing to sacrifice as a wife and mother.

And, as she likes to say, she “ … heard an ad for BELAY on the radio, and the rest was history!”

So, why The Third Option?

“Before coming to BELAY, I spent 17 years working in the non-profit sector.

“We were doing great work, but when the stress of long hours and extensive travel began to impact my family, it was time to make a change.

“I knew that I wanted to use my talents and experiences to help others, but I also wanted the ability to be fully present as a wife and as a mom.”

And what has the Third Option afforded you that you didn't have or couldn't do before?

“The ability to work within my strengths, do what I love, and still be present for my family.

“Before BELAY, our son spent all day at school and then went to daycare. On weeknights, we got home just in time for a rushed dinner, homework, bath and bedtime.

“My work hours prevented me from attending school functions. I missed countless holiday parties, parent lunches and even award days.

“Now, he comes home right after school, and we get to spend time after dinner playing board games or watching movies as a family.

“I’ve also had the flexibility to attend school events and even eat lunch with my favorite second-grader – all while serving my clients!”

Who do you spend time with and what do you like to do when you're not working?

“As I’m sure you can already tell, family is very important to me.

“When I’m not working, our family is often camped out on the floor building with Legos or playing board games.

“I volunteer in several roles at church, love to read, and listen to podcasts about personal growth, leadership and business development.”

What has changed for you and your client since starting the engagement?

“Trust and relationships take time – so when I kicked off with my first client, I was brand new to their field.

“I initially spent most of my time completing basic administrative tasks, learning business processes and learning about the industry in general. But as my knowledge and confidence increased, my client began to delegate complex tasks, business development projects, and client-facing work.”

What was one of the struggles you had transitioning to a remote workplace that you have had to overcome?

“It’s very important to set and maintain boundaries.

“When you love what you do – and your office is right down the hall – it’s tempting to work 24/7. To avoid that temptation, I established workday start-up and closeout routines and became very intentional with time blocking.

“I’m a huge fan of the Ideal Week concept and am always fine-tuning to find the best balance.”

What is one thing about what you do that makes you excited to get up tomorrow and do it again?

“I have been gifted an incredible opportunity to partner with some amazing entrepreneurs.

“Just knowing that I get to help executives reach their goals and scale their businesses is exciting – each day is a brand new adventure!”